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Gil Sansón - Untitled (For Po Chu-i) (File, MP3)

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8 thoughts on “ Gil Sansón - Untitled (For Po Chu-i) (File, MP3)

  1. The Chinese poet Po Chu-i's thoughts about solitude, set down approximately years ago, may still mirror our own; though we live in an over-crowded, over-stimulated age when true solitude may be all-but-impossible to experience, they suggest some of the intimate and inexplicable feelings we confront when and if we turn inward and explore.
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  3. Very Quiet Records is an independent label based in Devon, UK, and run by Tony Whitehead. It releases recordings of quiet places or situations by a variety of .
  4. Oct 07, · MP3 files are the most favorite format for audio files throughout the world due to their portability, compatibility and the compactness they offer.. MP3 files consist of a string of data known as tag information which describes attributes of the music file.
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  7. In *Internet Daemons*, Fenwick McKelvey weaves together history, theory, and policy to give a full account of where daemons come from and how they influence our lives—including their role in hot-button issues like network neutrality. He asks important questions about how much control is being handed over to these automated, autonomous programs, and the consequences for .

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