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Happy Americans

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  1. Oct 26,  · Americans want to be happy. The pursuit of happiness is even an unalienable right for Americans, according to the Declaration of Independence. But some recent studies have found a paradox: The pursuit of happiness tends to make individual Americans unhappy. Did the Founding Fathers set us up for failure?
  2. Jun 16,  · No less than 29 percent of Americans have ever called themselves very happy in that survey.
  3. Jan 03,  · In general, however, people with higher incomes are happier, with the people in the highest income bracket about percent happier than average. This .
  4. Jun 16,  · It finds that just 14% of American adults say they're very happy, down from 31% who said the same in That year, 23% said they'd often .
  5. On national healthcare costs, one in six (16%) American workers and one in five (20%) Americans in general say they are satisfied. Most Americans say the U.S. healthcare system is troubled: Nearly three-quarters of employed Americans (73%) say the healthcare system is "in a state of crisis" or "has major problems" in Gallup's most recent survey.
  6. Jun 16,  · Just 14 percent of people surveyed by NORC at the University of Chicago said they were very happy — a 17 percentage-point drop from , and .
  7. Mar 23,  · On a scale of 1 to 3, where 1 represents “not too happy” and 3 means “very happy,” Americans on average give themselves a — just a hair above “pretty happy.” That’s a .
  8. Jun 16,  · The percentage of Americans who say they are very happy is the lowest it has been in 50 years, revealing the possible impact of the coronavirus outbreak on public sentiment. Just 14% of adults in the U.S. say they are “very happy,” according to a poll published in late May by NORC at the University of Chicago.

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